Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday afternoon

Yesterday, mom n I went to Mercator Centar. It was just a little hanging, nothing more. These days I don't have much free time, so I was happy when my mom suggest that. This was the perfect opportunity to 'peek' at the shops and boutiques. We visited every shop, but there was nothing interesting. Even The 'Tally Wejli' had nothing. shit. I just bought in 'SIX' adorable earrings and a Paris necklace that I really wanna for long time.
Whateva. After all that, we are decided to sat in 'Mala Stanica' and rest a little. My mom order a coffe n I order a perfect ♥ suffle with vanilla ice-cream.
It was a wonderful feeling just to sit and talk with she. God, I love her so much.
Next week will be extremely hard and all I wanna its holiday time.
'Till next time :* 

Paris time 


  1. Sladak nakit :)
    pogotovo lancic :*

  2. Those are beautiful, adore those earrings!! Paris is a favourite place :) Thanks so much for you sweet comment, I appreciate it & I'm very happy you enjoy my blog...your blog is lovely too :) I hope you are well & have a great day!! xx

  3. really gorgeous necklace *-* x
    tks for following my blog,i'm following urs too x

  4. hvala na pozivnici, pratim te :)
    nadam se da ces i ti mene pratiti.