Sunday, December 23, 2012

X-mas time ;)

I'm sorry for not publishing posts in the last seven days. I've been busy.
From today, I will be more regular, I promise.
Last week I was in Zagreb. It was awesome. I visited my relatives and enjoyed the city. My mom was with me, so this is one of my favorite trips. During the day we enjoyed in the shopping and in the evening we enjoyed a wonderfully decorated Zagreb, with mulled wine and Christmas carols. 
I really like Zagreb and interesting people in it. Mom and I bought a bunch of decorations for the Christmas tree. 
On Sunday, the day of departure, my uncle suggested that we go to the art museum and look the Christmas exhibition. The exhibition was intended to show how people celebrated Christmas in the past 100 years. Old Christmas cards, Christmas decorations, gifts, pottery and an old train which can still be seen in the 70's or 80's movies.
About 8 pm. we went home by bus. I was soo tired and I just wanted my lovely bed :D

I love red ornaments, and these are made of glass.

This week, I also had an important event. Awarding scholarships at the mayor's court in 'Banski dvor'. Since I'm a excellent student, I got a scholarship like couple of my friends. That was on Friday. That day we didn't have to go to school, so Branka(BF) n I decided to go in 'Flores' (cafe) on hot chocolate. Another friend joined us later.

Just one more week until the end of school. Finally I'll be able to sleep until 12 am and watch movies all night<3. I also have to mention the numerous parties, which first is Winter party on Friday 28.12.  
Love ya :*

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